According to Tony Robbins – one of the best-known speakers in the world – “there is a clear method to create a successful business”. The Business Mastery seminar lessons are based on his own experience as an entrepreneur and the experience of other experts. In this article, he zooms in on an important factor for success: preparing for changes.

Business Mastery 2020 Schedule

The date & venue of the upcoming Business Mastery programs for the year 2020-2021 are mentioned as follows

Business Mastery Palm Beach 2020

Business Mastery Palm Beach event is already over which was held from 22nd.January to 26th. January 2020. Tony Robbin’s “Date with the Destiny” event is to be hosted here during December 4-9, 2020. Click here to visit the official website for more information on this upcoming event.

Business Mastery Las Vegas 2020

Business Mastery Las Vegas is a five-day event scheduled to start from the 19th. August 2020 to 23rd. August 2020. The participants are advised to reach the venue one day before the event (i.e.18th. August 2020).

business mastery at Belagio

The event venue is to be held at:

Belagio Hotel & Casino

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the nearest airport to reach the venue.

Registration for the Business Mastery seminar & hotel accommodations can be made in advance online.

Visit Tony Robbins: Business Mastery (Las Vegas 2020) Official Website Here.

Business Mastery Amsterdam 2021

The best business training in the world will take place in Amsterdam! Tony Robbins is coming to Afas Live with his Business Mastery program. Get 60-70 hours of training in 5 days from the world’s most successful business and personal coach, the adviser to many top entrepreneurs from the Fortune 500 and trainer to millions of people worldwide (more than 4 million people participated live in his seminars and training).

Business Mastery at AFAS Live

Business Mastery Amsterdam is a 5-day event scheduled to start from 23rd. June 2021 to 27th. June 2021. The participants suggested the arrival date is on the 22nd. June 2021.

Visit The Official Registration Page For Tony Robbins: Business Mastery Europe (Amsterdam 2020) Seminar.

The event venue is to be held at:

ArenA Boulevard 590
1101 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands

One can reach the venue in 20 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport & in one hour from Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Registration for the Business Mastery seminar & hotel accommodations can be made in advance here.

Business Mastery Benefits

As a business owner, you should not only focus on how your business is doing at the moment, you should also look ahead to how you will perform with your business in the future. The more you can respond to the changing needs of your customers, your employees, and the economy, the better prepared you are to meet all the challenges that come your way. If you can anticipate changes in your industry, you can adjust your strategy so that you remain successful in the long run.

7 changes that get your company moving

Below are the 7 triggers (changes) named by Robbins that can serve as a starting signal to get your company moving? Be aware of these changes and evaluate them on time and regularly.

# 1 A change at the competition

The first trigger you need to be prepared for is a change in competition. And don’t forget to be constantly alert to emerging companies. Do they deliver better products? 

When new companies make themselves heard, don’t put them aside, just because you’re currently at the top of your industry. Instead, take a good look at what they are doing and see if your company can become more valuable by adopting these new habits. This way you stay ahead of trends.

# 2 A change in technology

How do you prepare for change? Even if you use the most advanced technology, you must admit that it may be outdated one day. Videotapes quickly became DVDs, which eventually paved the way for digital streaming services. The following trends have already presented themselves, just look at 3D and virtual reality, they follow each other in rapid succession.

Have you thought about it, regardless of what product or service you are selling, how the technology in your industry can change? Not or, but when does it change? And how can your company already participate in this development?

# 3 A change in habits

To succeed in the business world, you have to think about the habits of the people you deliver to. What value does your product have for customers? What do people want to pay money for, and why? How are the customs different from previous generations, and how will it change over time?

A few decades ago it was common for families to go to the movies together. With the rise of digital technology, many people prefer to stay at home and stream the latest movies. Major brands such as Amazon and Netflix make it easy for users to pay for a subscription or for a one-off purchase of a movie. 

They have anticipated the needs of their customers and they still provide an appropriate reliable service. But people in the streaming industry must now look ahead to what our habits will be next year and the year after that.

# 4 A change in the economy

The economy is constantly changing. There will be periods of recession and growth, no matter what kind of business you have. How can you prepare for these inevitable changes? How can you pay your team in confidence to perform well and still be sure that you are protecting your company against potential financial obstacles? 

These are the questions you must ask yourself so that you are prepared for periods of abundance on the one hand and loss on the other. Look for strategies that can make you successful regardless of the economic climate.

# 5 A change in the lives of your customers

What is the demographic target group of your product or service? And how do customers’ habits change as their lives change? Do they make more or less use of your product or service after they have undergone a major change in their lives, such as graduating or having a child? Do you lose customers when they get married because they need less now? Your customers’ lives will change someday, so your offer must be able to respond to these developments. 

# 6 A change in the lives of your employees

The lives of your employees will change in the same way. As a business owner, it is your job to take good care of your team. Things are happening in life: babies are born, people get married, some employees will have health problems. Or maybe one of your most important staff members will resign. No matter what happens, you will have to take it into account and expect internal change. If you trust too much in one employee or ignore the needs of a department, it won’t work.

Find out how you can balance the needs of the company, while always realizing that your employees are people who lead their own lives outside office hours. If you can create a pleasant atmosphere, your employees will want to stay on board even if a major change has taken place. 

# 7 A change in the trajectory of your life

Have you reached a standstill in your career? Do you feel that you have to leave, or that you have to take some time for yourself? Even if these things don’t actually fit in your current agenda, you still have to schedule them. There will come a day when you have to step back from your work and transfer the reins to someone else. Anticipate this need well in advance so that the company can continue to work successfully throughout.

Business Mastery participant Jasmine’s story

Jasmine Purscell has been running a successful home construction company for 20 years. She and her husband had not received any higher education or obtained an official diploma, but together they were able to get a flourishing business off the ground. Jasmine attributes her success to her tenacity and the fact that she does not accept a “no” answer – not from herself and not from others.

Before joining Business Mastery, Jasmine’s company had grown incredibly. The company had doubled its profit and, by all standards, things went better and better. But Jasmine didn’t feel that way. She was suffering from anxiety; the pressure to maintain this level of success was daunting. She was no longer able to sleep at night, suffered from hair loss, and often had pain in her chest.

Something was completely wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. After hearing her stepson talk about Tony Robbins, she was skeptical at first.

Despite her initial hesitation, Jasmine eventually bought a ticket for Business Mastery. With all the revolutions in her business and with her 40th birthday ahead, she knew she had to make radical changes

A huge change

At the start of Business Mastery, Jasmine was sitting in a corner at the back, hoping no one would notice her. She did not want to participate in the applause and the exercises, but soon something changed in her. “I started to dance, started clapping and I thought: Hey, this feels good. A nice man came to me … and he said: This is your first event, huh? I can see that. From that moment on, I sat in the front, participated 100% and I came home in a haze that is not yet over. ”

After the 5-day program was over, she returned home like a new person and was fully prepared to deal with all the business problems that would arise. The most important thing that Jasmine noted was a huge change in her mentality. She always came to work in an angry, stressed mood. Her depression also affected the people around her. Having participated in Business Mastery and learning the strategies to change her mindset, she learned powerful ways to handle this and how to stop blaming others.

Back on course

Business Mastery challenged Jasmine to redefine the basic principles of her business. Jasmine had listened to top business speakers who discussed ways to ensure that her business would be as good as possible. It discussed everything from how you could keep a perfect sales story to new customers to investigating ways in which she and her husband could limit their expenses.

What was her biggest stumbling block? They themselves. If there were problems in the past, Jasmine would have looked for scapegoats. She always thought that something else stood in the way of her success, such as too few employees or too little capital, but what really stopped her was her mindset. After her participation in Business Mastery, she realized that there was not always a right or wrong choice – there were several ways to solve an existing problem.

Her team is going to participate

Jasmine had received so much energy from Business Mastery that she decided to take part again, this time with her husband and another member of the team. This time she was able to see the program through their eyes and she picked up other success strategies. She and her partners were able to see how small changes in different departments of a company can have a huge impact on the success of the company and Jasmine has now set itself the goal of doubling its operating result.

A clear vision

One of the things you learn at Business Mastery is how you can define and pursue your goal. Jasmine: “The balance between work and private life is important for us. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time. We see them as a family and we treat them like family. Striving to become the largest in our industry and national coverage is not really our priority. Our main goal is to work with fantastic people, provide good service, and lead a great life. ”

In addition to improving the balance between work and private life in her family and team, Jasmine saw her business grow after Business Mastery and she is well on her way to achieving her goal of repeated doubling of profits.

But it’s not just about making more money. Jasmine and her husband have planned to create a company that will last a long time. They want to leave their children something that will give them a sense of pride and financial security. Business Mastery gave Jasmine a new perspective on her business. She learned that she could set her goals high and that she could not achieve them alone, but that she could do so in a stress-free way that was worthwhile.

Tony Robbins Million Dollar Guarantee

The good news is that Tony Robbins offering a million-dollar guarantee on his Business Mastery program. If a participant feels that the training program can not provide one million dollar value for your business, he will offer you a full refund of the participation fee. On the application form, you will find this guarantee stated as follows:

“If after attending the first full day of Business Mastery, you do not feel you have received $1 million worth of value to create exponential growth in your business, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.”

Watch this short video about the million-dollar guarantee on the Business Mastery program.

“For me, Business Mastery was the gateway to whole new life experience. I justified the participation for myself because I thought it would be a good business edition and a new experience. I did not realize that it would not only open the door to improving my company but also to other companies, new voices, new perspectives … It really gave me a whole different range of choices that are all positive. ”

Are you ready to participate in the event that will change your business and your life? Learn how to achieve and exceed your goals – at Business Mastery.

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