Mindmint Software Review : No 1 Mastermind Tool You Can Rely

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On May 30, 2022
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Mindmint Software Review: The Mastermind Software You Can Rely On!

start a mastermind group through mindmint softwareStarting with Mindmint software review we can tell one thing that this tool has brought a revolution in self-education. Just like Air BNB turned the hotel rental business upside down, Mindmint software has upped the game of e-learning and self-education to a whole new level. Anyone familiar with mastermind groups or is a fan of such groups definitely needs to know about the best one going on right now: Mindmint software! It is the brainchild of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. It is a software that offers everything you need to start a mastermind online; set ideas, set goals, strategies and finally run events.

Firstly, for those of you who think masterminds are better in-person than online, Mindmint will definitely change that for you. It is difficult to gather people, set a time, and be able to discuss everything in your time of choice. With Mindmint, you can have live webinars.

Another problem that people face in mastermind groups is meeting the right people, connecting with the right peers. Mindmint makes sure you connect with the right people and offer the right tools, exclusively designed for you.

What does it do?

creating event with mastermind software

  • Combines all your expenses into one whole – Design your event, receives payments, & fulfill all needs with one system
  • Event Builder – Guide to building your own event using Tony and Dean’s event building formula
  • Wisdom Extractor – Takes care of logistics of making your agenda in 15 minutes with custom tools
  • Website Builder – For marketing your event uses pre-built websites which have been tried and tested
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) – tracks and records the expense of each client automatically
  • Pre Designed Checklists – offers both virtual and in-person checklists to design your perfect event
  • Integrations – Automates your work as it has more than 1300 websites integrated with a system

Why use Mindmint software?

Forbes magazine revealed that every minute $5,106.30 is spent on knowledge/info products that means, on average people are already paying huge sums of money annually to learn from other people.

With so much innovation and new technology, it is important to be up-to-date and Mindmint provides that platform to its users.

Here is everything I love about this software:

  • The exclusiveness! You can design your own schedule, plans, your payments, and so much more.
  • It is very simple to use
  • It is more than just a mastermind! You will no longer have to deal with situations in which you have multiple projects going on and none of it near completion as Tony Robbins will tell you all the tactics to tackle deadlines and keep up with your masterminds effectively.
  • It was designed by the top leaders: Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, these two amazing leaders, with their combined experience of 60+ years have a lot to offer than you can possibly imagine.
  • The program is capable of developing a successful group and accelerate your growth into a leadership status.
  • Effective for study groups, businesspersons, entrepreneurs, and pretty much anyone who wants to learn strategies of gaining knowledge and unlocking their potential to the fullest.
  • It is focused on finding new solutions, new strategies, and getting desired results.

The best part is a success is guaranteed with this program as it gives you the strategies used by the best that is Dean Graziosi and Tony Robins themselves.

Combined with Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB)

This a course that goes hand-in-hand with Mindmint program. Designed by Russel Brunson and the creators of Mindmint. This course is a formula for success for all. It has four modules:

  • Extract it
  • Fill it
  • Run it
  • The knowledge broker

Each of these modules assists in applying techniques to your mastermind so you can be successful at them.

The run it module is where Mindmint comes into play. This module requires the use of Mindmint software to be able to apply all the strategies taught about a successful mastermind. With the combined recipe of Mindmint and Knowledge Business Blueprint, you have a sure-fire way of succeeding at your business and accelerating your growth faster than before.

Is it worth it?

Mindmind software is not available for purchase to the public. The Mindmint software(one year worth of subscription) can be obtained as a bonus buy purchasing the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0. This would require an extra amount to access the further modules of KBB 2.0, but given that it took over $500000 to create this revolutionary program, I think this is totally worth your expense.

Compared to other online masterminds

If you think this is the only online mastermind out there then no, it is not. There are others that have been around a decade longer than this one like, Google classroom, Skype, Google hangout.

What these older masterminds offer are the two primary things required: 1) connecting the group members by either audio or video, (2) recording and timing the entire group’s processes.

The big and the most important drawback of these masterminds is that they leave the logistics in your hand; all the planning, organising and managing of the projects is left up to you. Seems a lot of work doesn’t it?

It is! Having used both, I can tell you Mindmint takes care of all your logistics beautifully. You do not have to waste your time or use your brain cells on the logistics, rather it directs all your energy towards accomplishing the set goals and following up on the strategies.

Furthermore, Mindmint offers live webinars and training sessions with Tony Robbins himself! Imagine being trained by the most successful man in leadership and education.

The developers of Mindmint actually designed their advance module on the drawbacks they found on the older online masterminds.


With such few online masterminds available, Mindmint offers the secret to success from two of the most successful leaders in the world today. It especially deals with all the logistics of a mastermind group and offers new and modern strategies for managing a mastermind group.

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