Knowledge Broker – An Emerging Business Model

Knowledge Broker Business ModelI say that half-jokingly, but the sad truth behind my obvious sarcasm is that life can give us that “meh” feeling sometimes. But I’m happy to say I’ve escaped those negative feelings and you can too.

Check this out to see how.

Let’s be honest with each other… there are those annoying times when your hair isn’t cooperating (lucky you, bald men) or when your kids/pets steal precious minutes of your sleep…

But I think what’s worse are those days when you’re headed to work for the millionth day in a row (feels that way sometimes, huh?) and just wondering what this is all about.

Ever been there? Ever felt like your dreams of being a badass change-maker who makes great money are far off from your reality of a day-after-day unfulfilling career?

Ok, I’ll admit, that’s the extreme. But isn’t there some truth in what I just said? You know you’ve felt that way before.

Sheesh, I know I have – but luckily those days are OVER for me! And I want the same for you…

So lucky us, two of the people I respect the most (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi – more on them later) are going LIVE, for FREE, for online training that pretty much broke the internet Kim K style last time they did it… Click this link here to save your spot.

And we owe them a huge THAAAANKS because they’re giving us a chance to watch them free – from home on our computers, wearing sweatpants and getting cozy if we want.

No need to dress up or look good but we’re still able to get the keys to freedom and put an end to our “Meh” mentality 😉

So my secret for how I live my best life is the same as Tony and Dean’s… I guarantee you know about it and don’t even realize it.

It’s a huge and growing industry called “self-education”, the “knowledge” industry, and has a bunch of other fancy names like upskilling, autodidactism, e-learning, and more…

Tony Robbin & Dean Graziosi launching the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course to explore all the possibilities in e-learning space. This is the only course which provides you all the aspects of the knowledge business. Go through the review of the KBB course to know more about this program.

Essentially there’s a LOT of money being spent from people who want to get inside people’s heads. Sometimes they want you to teach them a hard skill like marketing or hairdressing (not kidding) but other times, you have life experiences that they want to and sometimes NEED to learn from.

Long story short, you’ve got some stuff to offer the world my friend – and there are people willing to pay for it. And don’t worry if you can’t figure out what that is right now… we’ll help with that too!

Tony and Dean’s training (plus specials guests Jenna Kutcher and Russell Brunson) on Thursday is all about the “KBB method” they created that you can use to figure out what knowledge you have, learn how you could share it and get paid for it… so basically what I’m saying is…Welcome to the new you.


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