Knowledge Broker Blueprint Student Shaneka’s Story Will Inspire You!

how to start a mastermind groupIn everyone else’s eyes, Shaneka was successful – but she didn’t feel that way. If you can relate you need to see this:

Shaneka was raised just like most people to think she had two options: Go to college and hope for a steady career and happy life, or take a lower-paying job and struggle financially… so she went to college, got a degree in finance, and got a job in corporate America.

Her family was so excited for her, and at first, she felt the same way. But then slowly it was like each day she had more of an awakening to the truth…

Yes, she had a career but in the mornings she was so rushed to get to her office (a 1-hour commute) that she had to drop her kids off at the bus stop and couldn’t wait to see them get on the bus… Each day she would have a knot in her stomach hoping they made it safe.

With work being so demanding she missed school functions, time with kids, time with her husband and deep down she knew she was meant for more than this and her family deserved better.

She took what we’re told is “the right path.” But she wasn’t happy…

Have you ever felt similar to Shaneka in any way? Like you did what you thought would lead to happiness and success, but it’s not panning out how you expected?

Shaneka didn’t have an answer until she learned about the “KBB Method” that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have now taught to so many people like you!

When she heard that Tony and Dean, two people I highly respect and who have impacted millions of lives, had condensed their decades of experience into a single method for impacting lives and achieving success doing it… she jumped on her chance to learn how.

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Shaneka’s life has never been the same since… Let me just share that she is no longer working at an unfulfilling job and is able to share her talents and spend more time raising her 5 beautiful children in a totally different way now.

She is already making more impact than she ever imagined possible, she has the freedom to spend time with her husband and kids, and she’s achieved personal success…

  • Note – I’m not saying you can click on a link, watch two of the greats and all of a sudden experience what Shaneka has. She took massive action and she’s not the normal but rather a hardcore action taker. But her life will never be the same because of what she learned…

Pretty amazing, right? Well here’s the best part –>

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Student ShanekaShaneka is just one of many examples of people not too different from you, who took action and used Tony and Dean’s blueprint to achieve the life – the impact, the passion, and the success – that they craved!

I mean just 10 months ago this was only a passion for Dean and Tony… now it’s a movement of 24,000+ people in over 4,000 niches and in 150 countries. Go through their Knowledge Broker Bluprint review here.

So, that little voice in your head telling you this might not work for you? Saying this just couldn’t work in your niche or your area… or you don’t have time… or you don’t have enough experience… or you should be happy with what you have?

That voice is wrong. Sorry… it’s the truth. So stop letting that little voice in your head hold you back…

Because if you don’t, you might miss something HUGE and who knows when another opportunity like this will come along (definitely not for another year at least)…

Click the link here to register now, put it in your calendar for April 11th at 5 pm PST so you absolutely will not forget about it, and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re there LIVE!! And I’ll see you there!

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