knowledge broker blueprint reviewLooking at the popularity of Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi’s KBB method, we thought it would be a good idea to make a complete review of this life-changing program for you guys. We went through all the details to find out its real value & impact on people’s lives. We found some astonishing outcomes of this course which we have uncovered in this KBB method review.

What is the KBB method

Knowledge Broker Blueprint, in short, called as KBB Method is the comprehensive, fastest & easiest method available to start & run your paid mastermind from the scratch. By going this training you will also be able to quickly & effectively take your expertise & experience to become a knowledge broker.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a six-module online course (end-to-end video course) designed by the highly acclaimed business strategist, Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, both are US’s top business coach are there to guide you in creating and managing a highly effective mastermind.

Tony & Dean are hosting a free mega event named “Own Your Future Challenge“. You must register for the same event to start & scale your knowledge business to a new height.

KBB Method review

Who is behind the KBB method

Tony Robbins is a philanthropist, business coach, phenomenal entrepreneur, #1 New York Times bestselling author, #1 documentary on Netflix (I’m not your Guru) and so much more…

He has coached world leaders, industry titans, and rocks the house with up to 50,000 people in his audiences… He’s provided over 500 million meals through feeding America to those in need…I’m not sure there is a man alive that has impacted as many lives as Tony. His Business Mastery Seminar is one of the best in-person masterminds for entrepreneurs in the history of business coaching around the globe.

Dean Graziosi is someone who started from absolutely nothing and has built a true business empire, including becoming a Multiple New York Times bestselling author, starting 13 successful companies, and impacting the lives of millions of people through his proven courses and training systems.

I don’t know whether these two guys in the world are more qualified to train us, and they’re offering to do it online so we can tune in from our beds if we want to…

Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB Method) Facts

The first version of the KBB program had been launched in April 2019. The revolutionary training program was the brainchild of Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi. This program became a revolution in the field of self-education & broke all the records of all time with its outstanding success. Some of the stats are as follows.

The outcome of the KBB Method 2019 program

Tony and Dean have reached 24,000+ people in under a year, in 150 countries around the world and in 4,000+ niches. I’m telling you – this method applies to you even if you don’t believe it!

  • In the first phase of these program24,329 members from 150 countries participated in this movement & transformed their lives. 
  • 22,150 peoples are currently active in the private KBB community.
  • 6,290 events created using the Mindmint software.
  • Above 100,000 posts, comments & reactions found in the Facebook group every single month.

What some KBB members say

Lewis Howes Testimonial on KBB Method

“I wasn’t fulfilled in what I was doing because there was still something that was untapped… I had no idea that I would be able to have my gift out in the world making an impact in people’s lives and feeling so excited every day.” – Natalie Tischler

“I really wasn’t fulfilled and just needed to jump off the hamster wheel. …I knew right away this is what I needed to be a part of. I could not have asked for anything better.” – Donna Meyer

“I wanted to do something that really spoke to me, something that I felt was part of my purpose in life… The KBB method taught me how to extract my knowledge and be able to give it to other people in a way that they would be willing and able to buy it from me!” – Chris Dinehart

[ *Statements contained here were made by individuals who participated in the KBB training.  KBB did not pay any consideration for these statements and individuals do not have any relationship with KBB other than participating in our training.]

This business module or course is the first of its’s kind. The thing I really love about this is that it can be used by ANYONE. Even if you have no idea what a mastermind is or how you can benefit from it, you will get to learn all that along the way. In other words, there is no prerequisite to it.

This is an incredible platform where money meets e-learning. Yes, you heard right this is the secret to earning money and success, step-by-step, exactly how Tony and Dean made it so big in such little time.

In essence, this course teaches you how you can cash on your passion, hobby, or someone else’s passions all by using a mastermind. It is truly an investment in yourself.

With their 60 years of combined experience, these people have designed a brilliant course to getting maximum out of your mastermind group.

If you haven’t heard about Tony Robbins then look up his amazing journey of success, how he went from being a janitor at 17 to one of the most successful and rich people in his 20s.

Another really cool thing that comes with KBB is the Mindmint software. If you want to know about that check out my Mindmint software review.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 Modules

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course outlineThere are four modules in this peer-to-peer learning course. Each module details the step-by-step procedure to unlock success. I will give you a quick summary of it.

Module 1 – Mindset Mastery

This module has:

  • Success secrets, Tony Robbin’s exclusive story
  • Discovering your niche, skills and who you call to sell those to
  • Dean and Tony’s triangle model to the perfect mastermind
  • The tools to use in your everyday event and guess what? They are the same as Dean and Tony’s!
  • Using the Mindmint to create an unbeatable agenda for your masterminds

They will give you secrets about how to gather knowledge in a mastermind, all the steps that are involved. It has catchy and informative videos featuring Tony Robbins himself.

One thing I admire about this course is it calls for action. It makes sure you do not just sit around with the information you’re given but bring it to use.

Module 2 – Extraction & Discovery

  • Guide to becoming a marketing expert: step-by-step procedure to market an event, attract your clients (selling framework)
  • Event Funnel Blueprint – knowing the good and bad sales pages, and what to charge particular events
  • Marketing Wagon Wheel – What platforms to use for marketing and step-by-step process of effectively using them (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Using pre-built websites to model your event, websites that have been proven worthy
  • The secret to launching in your event perfectly – Dean, Tony and Russel’s ways of launching an event. Ways that have been found over the years and even decades

The second module gives you an insight on how you can bring people to your mastermind; how to fill up your mastermind. Not just to gather chunks of people but it is about gathering the right people.

Module 3 – Marketing Mastery

  • The perfect mastermind formula
  • Virtual event checklists
  • The perfect in-person event
  • Last steps and thank you!

The run it module is where you finally get down to business by establishing a mastermind exactly how Tony and Dean did it. This module requires the use of Mindmint to be able to apply all the strategies taught about a successful mastermind. With the combined recipe of Mindmint and Knowledge Broker Blueprint, you have a sure-fire way of succeeding like Tony and Dean.

Module 4 – Generating Leads

  • Knowledge Broker formula
  • Getting a commitment from the expert
  • Foundation of a successful business
  • The truth about Tony and Dean’s success

KBB Course outline 2

Module 5 – Running Your Event With Confidence

Module 6 – Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

If you do not have the skills or the expertise, by the end of this module, you will know how to earn money and success by learning from people in the mastermind group.

Bonus stuff in membership

Do not forget that you will get to connect with many peers in your mastermind or those doing KBB and they have a Facebook community for that. The members post a lot of insightful and interesting stuff, which you will be able to benefit from.

This community is amazing! There are so many people in it and each one ready to help the other succeed. It’s like a different world there.

So it isn’t just Tony and Dean mentoring you. You can find several mentors within the Facebook community let alone the mastermind group.

There is also additional course material that you can unlock by gaining points. You get points by:

  • Completing your training
  • 3 days streak logging in
  • Passing your 1st quiz and so much more

KBB Method is for whom?

Whether you are someone who wants to get into the e-learning business or wants to learn strategies to succeed in your business and make loads of money or even someone with 20 years of experience in this field, it’s for you then! We can all benefit from it massively. With thousands of peers connected to you, there is only growth in this course.

You get to unlock your superpowers by just doing the first module! Keep in mind though that you cannot just sit and absorb information like a sponge, you have to take action!

With the e-learning business making $315,972.22 per minute and Forbe’s estimation that it will double in the next 5 years, it is a great business to be in and to be able to learn from three people, all of whom are the best at it, with 30 years of experience; it will not be a risk.

Anyone can hop on this wagon. Tony Robbins went from being a janitor at age 17 to one of the leading business experts in his 20s because the guy was genuinely passionate about helping people succeed. To follow this business model, there is no prerequisite & expertise needed.

For whom the KBB method is not recommended?

If you think it is a magic pill or get rich quick scheme then it might not be for you. The KBB course demands effort, in many terms, in terms of money as well as effort. If you are someone who wants to make impacts on people’s lives and make a profit at the same time then this is the right program for you.

What does the KBB Method cost?

Initially, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint combined with the Mindmint software will cost you $2000, they would require an extra amount to access the further modules of KBB, but given that it took over $500000 to create this revolutionary program I think this is totally worth your expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to answer that real quick so you make the decision to attend… This should be the biggest online training event in internet history. Don’t have FOMO and miss it…

First off do you really know who Tony and Dean are?

Together they are multiple NY Times best selling authors, world-leading coaches, philanthropists and have started or are a part of over 60 companies, that have impacted millions of lives and generated billions of dollars.

Them teaming up and giving you free training is truly something that only happens one time a year (and who knows when the next chance will be? Not me…)

“What if the economy shifts?”

You may have heard Tony say “winter is coming” in the past. Well with what Tony and Dean are going to share, you will soon realize that this industry is winter-proof. In fact, history shows that the professional do-ers sharing their knowledge will actually thrive in a shifting economy while other industries may be running for the hills!

“What if I don’t live in the right area?”

Take a look at your surroundings. Are you in a penthouse in Chicago? Are you in a small apartment in Dublin, Ireland? Are you in a ranch home in a farm country? Are you working from your office overlooking the Sydney Opera House? No matter where you are, what you are going to learn LIVE with Tony and Dean can be applied. People from 150 countries are already unlocking this powerful system.

“I’ve tried other things before and they didn’t work”

They know that… And with 60+ years experience, they know the perfect combination of Mindset, Marketing Tactics and Implementation to make this the most important training you could ever need. I’ve NEVER in my life seen the level of satisfaction that their students have. Over 4,000 niches have been identified, there are 145,000 comments a month in their private Facebook group and they have a “culture of progress” and “no person left behind” philosophy that has made this the movement it is.

“I don’t have a lot of time”

Will you ever? This is about gaining capabilities to get out of a repetitive life where day after day you wake up and wish you had more… impact, purpose or success.

These guys are going LIVE for only the second time ever and the ONLY time this entire year. You may never have the chance to learn from them again like this…

So if you desire the NEXT LEVEL in your life then register now and don’t miss this.

Tony & Dean are going live on 27th February 2020 on the revolutionary KBB method. Hence click the link below to register for the live cast now.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint combines e-learning with profiting from it. The entire course has been designed by two top leaders: Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. It is all about how to effectively benefit from a mastermind. This course has guaranteed success rates from the people who have done this. Being around people who have succeeded in using the same system is definitely a soothing feeling and KBB 2.0 method makes us perfectly experience it. I would recommend KBB Method to everyone to try it without any hesitation.