How to Plan Workshop Template?

How to Plan Workshop TemplateIf you have ever tried to organize an event, then you would understand the difficulties that come along with it. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and each and every detail remains of utmost importance. It takes a lot of creativity and patience to organize a good workshop.

Workshops are organized to bring people together and educate them or empower them on some issue which the people are signing in for. Workshops are all about practical and interactive learning.  People gain expert knowledge from the experts, network with different people and enhance their confidence and skills.

Creating a workshop presentation template would require a few extra efforts beforehand the due date of the workshop. And you must go clearly step by step.

Workshop Goals

This is the first objective you need to conduct a workshop. When people are unclear about the purpose they have gathered for, the whole gathering becomes a mess. So, make the objective and purpose of the workshop very clear and keep it at the center of the discussion and don’t let people away from it.

Target Audience

Next important factor is the people that are going to attend the workshop. The genre of the workshop determines its audience and the number of audiences. List out all the people that need to be there but keep last minute openings.

Find a venue for an event

Find a venue for an eventThe location is very important and it should be according to the number of audiences. Think wisely about the space, too many people and less space or vice versa can create a very bad impression. And the whole workshop would be a disaster if people are not comfortable. Then there’s a technical need, such as video conferencing or visual aids. And you should also have to be considerate about the catering business if your workshop is a long duration workshop.

Design workshop agenda

Now that you are done with all the arrangements for the workshop, you should think about how the goal of the workshop is to be achieved.

If the audience is large enough, then divide them to groups for discussions. And list out all the main points and tell the people to discuss that and come up with a solution.

Whatever necessary materials needed for the group discussions and activities should be present with you, so there is no last-minute hustle. Plan everything beforehand.

Questionnaire and Discussions

When the workshop is going on, we should make sure that people are involved and are heard. There should be a questionnaire after the workshop to help people clarify their doubts if any and everyone should be allowed to share their opinion and perspective.

We should collect personal information of the people attended such as email so that we can later mail them about the conclusions and solutions we reached upon in our seminar.

The workshop goal should be at the center of the workshop apart from all other group activities that help us to get there.


Ask people what did they liked and what they didn’t about the workshop. It’s the hard part, but you need to know the truth so that you can improve in your next session.

Any workshop template should contain the workshop title, learning outcomes, delivery mode, focus areas, skill level, and description of the type of work, materials, procedure, registration, and plan for feedback.

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