How to Find A Mastermind Group That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

how to find a mastermind group near meWhether you are running a business or self-employed, you need the right mastermind group to explore your hidden potentials. Finding a mastermind group is a tough task. You need the right mentor who has thorough knowledge about your business & can provide you proper guidance & training to achieve your goal step by step.

A mastermind group is a group of people with a common goal. They meet in person, via meeting software, chatrooms, skype, or even on the phone to share, learn, and improve what they do.

Entrepreneurship is hard and stressful as you are often on your own. Mastermind groups provide a platform for you to share your ideas, ask questions, triumphs and even downfalls of your business.

If you feel you need support, you have to look at different aspects of a mastermind group & there are plenty of ways on how to find a mastermind group that you can grow with.

Join mastermind group that has the same goal

Choose the mastermind group which is having the same goal you are looking for. Joining a mastermind group having the same goal will fulfill your purpose & expand your capabilities in the same field.


Start one mastermind group of your own

It all starts with you. If you have a few friends in business you can ask them to join you in your new group. I once met a friend in business training and he asked me whether I wanted to join him in forming a mastermind group.

I quickly jumped on the workshop ideas and we started meeting on skype once a month.

During the meetings, we would talk about the ups and downs, brainstorm together, and get feedback on our current ideas. You can do the same.

You can ask your business associates to join you in your group. If you don’t know people that can join your group, ask on business-related Facebook groups.

Most entrepreneurs are in the same place as you. Feeling lonely and overwhelmed working for themselves. They need someone to connect with, brainstorm ideas with, and have someone they can count on.

The people you invite to your group don’t have to be in the same business as you or at the same stage of the journey. The important thing is the need to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

After identifying interested parties, start with deciding when you will be meeting. Will it be weekly or monthly? You also need to think about the theme of the meetings. Will you be discussing specific topics or you simply want to hear the members’ current goals and progress?

It’s good to make it as simple as possible especially at the beginning then see where it goes. For example, when we started our group, we began with meeting once a month, but we found that we needed to meet more frequently.

We now interact daily on Facebook. We even call each other during the day to get instant feedback.

Ask fellow entrepreneurs or business associates

Many business owners have been part of mastermind groups or they might be in groups that need new members. Ask fellow entrepreneurs or business associates about the groups. When you are pointed to one of the groups, join.

Most of the groups are virtual but you will be in a better place if you come across a physical group.

You will know you have found the right group if you feel challenged and yet comfortable. You should be able to provide value to other members and at the same time get something from them. It should be win-win for everyone.

After the initial excitement has worn off, you should be excited about participating and getting more involved. If you don’t feel this way, you don’t belong there. Find another group where you will feel at home.

Find an online community

The internet is big and if you look closely, you will find a group that will be ideal for you. Do you have favorite blogs you follow and comment? Be a regular commenter to these blogs and ask questions.

You also should provide valuable answers to the asked questions. Are you struggling with patience, productivity, stress or any other issues? Find an online self-improvement community and join. Since these communities have the same goals as you, you will most likely feel at home.

If you are looking for professional groups, think about joining AIGA, NAPW, LinkedIn groups or any other professional groups.

A Mastermind Group Can Change Your Life

A good Mastermind group can change your life.

Make use of

Are you interested in a local mastermind group? Try your luck at The platform allows you to search within a radius of your zip code and find mastermind groups on different topics. After finding the group, contact the organizer and find out whether they are taking in new members.

If they are, know the time they meet and venue. You should then go ahead and visit the group. If you like what they do, join them. If you don’t enjoy being there, find another group.

Leverage on mastermind group service

If you have tried finding a mastermind group without success, you should make use of a service provider who will help you out. The service providers have lists of groups, what they do, and whether they are looking for new members.

When you get the list, carefully read the descriptions to identify a group that is right for you. Then go ahead and contact the facilitator and talk more about the group.

Check with your mentors and teachers

These two are usually in mastermind groups and often don’t advertise them. Ask them about valuable groups you can join. If they don’t have groups themselves, chances are they know others who do.

It’s good to have an accountability partner

Businesses are tough, especially at the initial stages. When you are alone and facing these problems on your own, it’s easy to quit.

Mastermind groups provide you with accountability partners who support you and push you to overcome your challenges. This comes in handy at keeping you motivated. They also prevent you from giving up.

Remember that you aren’t in these groups to take. You are also there to be an accountability partner to other business owners. Don’t just air what you are going through. Also, take time to listen to others.

When they are talking, take a keen interest in their businesses and what they are going through.

Remember, no two mastermind groups are the same. In your research, you will come across all types of groups.

Some will be right for you, but others won’t. Take time to find the ones where you feel valued. The groups should also allow you to be yourself. You shouldn’t change who you are simply because you have joined a mastermind group.

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